It all adds up to PROFITS for your business.

Packaged ice is one of the highest grossing profit items in the frozen food product mix.

The crystal clear quality of our ice ensures you can demand a higher selling price.

Our superior product and safety packaging translates to greater consumer demand.

The larger 22 lbs. bag offers a “larger cash register ring” and offers your customer flexibility and variety.

Capital City Ice provides frequent delivery and same day service. This means no empty freezers and no lost sales.

To assist in your sales, we deliver and install new merchandising freezers at your retail location.
“Crystal Pure” Premium Ice - 7# and 22# bags.
“Bottled Quality” water is frozen fresh into the finest “Tube Ice’ that does not stick together.
Block Ice
Sized in 10# blocks for bulk food and beverage cooling or 300# crystal clear blocks for sculpting.
Dry Ice
Used for keeping perishable foods frozen for longer periods of time than wet ice. Dry ice is also used for a variety of maintenance projects and to create “special effects” fogging.

Pary Luge
The Life of the Party.



Packaged ice is one of the highest profit margin products in the frozen food category. Our appealing freezers and promotional programs and materials require as little as 12 square feet of floor space to provide a new profit center for any retail business. Once your customers open the freezer door they will be sold on our quality product.

Capital City Ice offers a variety of sizes of indoor and outdoor merchandisers for retail sales.

• Indoor Units -
Double and Single Sizes
• Outdoor Unit - Single Size

• Header graphics
• Window and Side Decals
• Customizable Price Decals

Indoor Ice Merchandising

Outdoor Ice Merchandising