We promise a superior product.

Purity of bottled water.
Capital City Ice is regarded as more than just frozen water. We condition our water to bottled-water-quality.

Capital City Ice has a four-filter process. Three filters remove bad chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants. The final UV light kills anything remaining. The result is crystal-clear water that is absolutely guaranteed to be 99.9% free of all contaminants.

Captial City Ice captures the freshest water at the exact moment it is frozen.

Our process is approved by the same rigid standards required in the frozen food industry.

From start to finish, the water or ice is never touched by human hands. Our facilities are government inspected and we fully adhere to HAACP* and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Tubes are better.

Capital City Ice is frozen fresh into uniform tube shapes – not random-sized flat-sided cubes.

The tube shape allows the impurities and air to be flushed from the hole in the middle. Many brands, including homemade ice, have mostly white or cloudy areas in them, which indicate the presence of air and frozen contaminants. Air is a contaminant that not only creates cloudy ice, but also speeds the melting process.

Capital City Ice tubes have far less surface area available to contact other tubes in the bag. This translates to less clumping.

The uniform 1-inch tube length is easier to serve.

Capital City Ice creates a longer-lasting and colder beverage.

A special drying process.

Capital City Ice removes the moisture from the tube before it’s packaged; this results in ice that is “dry”.

The ice-drying process is another reason Capital City Ice will not stick together.


Specially packaged.

Once dried, the ice is weighed and bagged in strong, sterile and attractive plastic bags.

Convenient carrying handle

Our bags have a tamper-proof heat seal on the top, which further demonstrates our commitment to a pure product. Your customer can feel confident about food safety.